About Us

In 2014 my weenie dog ate my favorite wooden spoon. I was devastated! I mean how could my sweet Mozzie, Mookie Pookie eat my spoon?? Off to the Fancy, Kitchen Store to replace my beloved spoon. I was less than excited to see what was available these days in the way of wooden kitchen utensils. Everything was thin, machine made and poor quality. Disappointed, but not defeated I went home to carve my own. I mean how hard can it be, right? Ha! I would soon find out exactly how hard it was to carve your own spoon. With determination I sat on the living room floor with a stump and a knife. Several hours later was the most beautiful wooden spoon I had ever seen. I mean it was just gorgeous, the perfect spoon! I heard the truck door close outside as my other half had returned home from work. As the door opened I jumped up with excitement to show off my creation and shouted, “look what I made”! I cannot describe the look of “oh my, what have you been up to” that was presented before me. And with 3 little words my excitement was diminished, “what is it”? What is it?? Ok, looking back now I will admit it was the ugliest spoon ever. With determination, I was going to carve a spoon!
Over the next several months I continued to carve away, trying different techniques, even bought an Ax and actual spoon carving knives. With wood chips & shavings all over the living room every day I was soon kicked out of the house and into a little 8x10 shed. It was awesome, I had a spoon shop! I never thought that a dog eating my favorite wooden spoon would turn into such a blessing. I discover that I liked working with wood, looking at how the grain was running, deciding what shape the wood wanted to be. I was filled with enjoyment and peace when working with wood. In the next year and half what started as a “let me see if I can do it” moment turned into this crazy, amazing, wonderful business I call
Alaska Wooden Spoon Company.